Nicknames Dawnie, Scamp

Birthday Nov 9

West Virginia, USA

Discord id dawnie#9609

Likes corgis, ducks, anime, tabletop games, Jrpgs, rain

Materials Used Medibang Paint and Samsung Galaxy Note8

Influences Koge Donbo, Hyung Tae Kim, Magical Girls, CLAMP

Hi there!! I feel like I should tell a little bit more about myself here, so here it goes-

I’m a pretty introverted single mother of two boys. I have been drawing seriously for about nine years now, but started doodling for fun since childhood. I’ve recently began drawing in my free time as a means for therapy because it keeps me pretty level headed. I’ve decided to do commission work and receive donations to use the funds to buy myself a new laptop and other materials to help improve my artwork.

Even though I’m awkward and shy, feel free to contact me. I usually respond to my messages fairly quickly.

On social media fb | ig | DA | tumblr

Wait- I know you!

-Skyrim guards